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HWAD Named Solo Medalist
in 2019 New Apple E-Book Awards

How We Are Different Was Honored in the Writing/Publishing Category of the Summer Competition



Dayton, Ohio, November 12, 2019The app How We Are Different (HWAD: Book & Everyday Journal) by Thom Kudla has received another award. The app adaptation of the book How I Am Different by Thom Kudla was recently named a Solo Medalist in the Writing/Publishing Category of the 2019 New Apple Summer E-Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing. This marks the fourth national awards program to recognize the book-as-app with an award, the others being the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Benjamin Franklin Digital Award (Silver Honoree), the 2018 eLit Book Awards (Two Gold Medals), and the 2019 IndieReader Discovery Awards. The app’s ingenious design, profound writing, and impressive interactivity have helped it garner this recognition.


According to New Apple’s award announcement at, “For two years, award-winning author Thom Kudla wrote something creative every day. Some days it'd be poetry; other days it'd be fiction or creative nonfiction. Regardless of what type of writing he composed, in doing so every day he reflected on his life and the world around him. His idea was to see how he would change over the course of a year—in the second year, he responded to his writing from the prior year.
In completing this experiment, Thom became a more disciplined reader and writer, and he also grew as a person. After publishing this experiment as a book, Thom decided to offer this same opportunity to enable development and growth for the world. He believes that everyone should read literature and write something reflective, profound, and creative regularly. That's part of the reason he had the vision for this book-as-app and helped to develop it.”


App author/creator Thom Kudla was thrilled to receive more acknowledgment for his book-as-app after being notified about the New Apple E-Book Awards: “Between the original book and the app itself, this entire project took me more than five years to cultivate. I am pleased that when it finally came to fruition, so many people have recognized it as such an achievement. I hope this helps get the app the exposure it needs to continue to delight readers and writers alike in their pursuit of disciplined daily reflection.”


How We Are Different (HWAD), an award-winning journaling app based on Thom Kudla’s acclaimed book How I Am Different, is now available exclusively on Apple’s App Store for both the iPhone and the iPad. It can be purchased and downloaded on the App Store for $2.99. To learn more about the app, visit Get the app at


About New Apple

New Apple started in 2010 as a regional resource for independent authors. Since then, New Apple Literary Services for Independent Authors has expanded to assist authors around the world with their unique needs as indie writers. The New Apple Summer E-Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing were established in 2015 to carry the same spirit of New Apple’s annual awards program exclusively to ebooks: “to provide self-published and independent authors with a chance to showcase their work and to honor the creative achievements of the unsung books fighting for their place within the publishing world.”

About To a T Books
Established in 2016 with its first release, How I Am Different by Thom Kudla, To a T Books is a publishing imprint of the writing, critiquing, editing, copy editing, and proofreading company To a T Editorial Group, which was founded under that name in 2011 but in business providing expert solutions and advice since 2007. To learn more about the company, visit  


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