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Award-Winning Book How I Am Different Marks First Anniversary since Publication with Release of App

New App Based on Book Aims to Promote Reading and Writing for All



Wheaton, Illinois, April 25, 2017 — In April 2016, To a To Books, an imprint of To a T Editorial Group, released its first book, How I Am Different by Thom Kudla. This book was honored as a finalist in the Poetry Category of the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the ebook version earned multiple medals in the 2017 Global Ebook Awards. After all the award recognition as well as numerous positive reviews, Thom Kudla and To a T Books decided to develop an app based on the book.


The app was released today. This app is an interactive reading and writing experience that allows readers to compare Thom’s two-year progression as a writer with their own progression as a reader and writer.

Readers can read along with two entries from Thom’s book every day of the year via calendars while tracking and charting how these pieces make them feel. Readers are able to write and save their own original creative piece each day of the year; set, track, and chart their mood while writing each day; record the amount of time they spent writing each day; and set a reminder to prompt them to write every day.

To help readers digest this extensive book, the app offers the “Reading Roulette” option, which allows them to shake the phone and read an entry from How I Am Different selected at random. For a more organized and interesting way to experience the book, readers can look at the multiple index views: one to read chronologically by day number in the original writing experiment, one to read by title, one to read by genre, and one to read by topic.


Author Thom Kudla is really excited for the release of the app, saying, “I have always thought that everyone should both read every day and write every day. This app encourages all of this.”


How We Are Different (HWAD), a journaling app based on Thom Kudla’s award-winning book How I Am Different, is now available exclusively on Apple’s App Store for both the iPhone and the iPad. It can be purchased and downloaded on the App Store for $2.99. To learn more about the app, visit

About To a T Books
Established in 2016 with its first release, How I Am Different by Thom Kudla, To a T Books is a publishing imprint of the writing, critiquing, editing, copy editing, and proofreading company To a T Editorial Group, which was founded under that name in 2011 but has been in business providing expert solutions and advice since 2007. To learn more about the company, visit  


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